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Special Programmes  

For senior citizens or older people it is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle especially after the retirement age. This is because they get confined to some limitations as to what they can do in a workout session. But exercise is definitely advised for them to improve their muscle strength, balance and overall health. To achieve the fitness goals of a senior citizen, along with keeping in mind his bodily restrictions, it takes a special workout and list of exercises.

We help them perform such a risk-free and effective workout with a series of simple exercises like stretching that increases flexibility and prevents injury if they happen to fall, running or walking that gets their heart rate up for a better heart performance, stabilizing diabetes, lowering cholesterol level and high blood pressure and maintaining muscle power that can help them continue to do the things they enjoy with less or no pain and aches.

Nutrition Consultation

The unpredictable changes in the body composition and metabolism of seniors require a sharp eye on their food choices. With a reduced physical activity and increased probabilities of chronic and cardiac illness, diabetes, cancer and such life-threatening diseases, poor eating habits prove to contribute to these ailments.

At this stage of life, they need to obtain all the nutrients in limited proportions. We help them frame a diet that complements their daily retired routine in the best possible way to yield healthier results. Such a senior citizen specific diet helps them avoid high cholesterol intake, control the blood sugar levels, select foods that keep away gastric problems, reduce the risk of diabetes, give them adequate energy to carry out daily tasks, enhance their immunity and provide them good mental health and abilities.

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