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Special Population  
At Virtus Wellness we make it sure that people who have suffered or are still suffering from the dreadful and painful diseases recover in the most healthy way with our experienced guides.
     Cancer Treatment

This session is a sincere effort to bring hope for those who are battling cancer and its various dreadful accompaniments. We are here for you and to let you know, that it’s not too late yet.

The very own initiator of Virtus Wellness, Shiraz Siddiqui realized the mental and physical pain as well as the emotional breakdown of cancer patients when he himself was diagnosed with Leukemia (Blood cancer) in 2004. He then decided to undergo Chemotherapy treatment which completed in April 2005. He relapsed again in July 2008 and came out of the treatment procedure alive and kicking in 2009, this time with effective fitness workouts and anti-cancer diets.

With the heavy and difficult-to-deal-with traumatic phase of cancer and its recovery, Shiraz planned to begin this exclusive division especially for Cancer patients. From his own experience and study in fitness and nutrition, he has successfully helped those people on managing Chemotherapy treatments with proper diet, organic meals and anti-cancer activities like Tai Chi, etc. He has also guided patients on dealing with post-Chemotherapy effects like avoiding common issues mainly Diabetes, Kidney failure, Heart attack, etc and getting back to the normal routine straight from bed.

We at Virtus promise to have helped patients in the most apt way with proper nutrition consultation and counseling to recover from various other diseases like-

  • Hypertension

  • Diabetes

  • Cardiovascular diseases

  • Hepatitis

  • Aids

  • Slip Disc

  • Arthritis

  • Scitica

  • So stop worrying, because we can show you the right way to conquer your health problems. Just pick up the phone and call us to know more about this perfect way of coming back to a healthy life.


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