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     Me and Mom Training

  • Pre Natal Training
  • During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through dramatic physiological changes. These kinds of changes need to be dealt with a specific set of exercises recommended by experts. Thus the soon-to-be mother can benefit with these exercises during as well as after the maternity period.

    Our fitness experts can guide the expecting women with series of simple and safe exercises that can help them in attaining an improved posture, relief of back pain, stronger muscles in preparation for labor, increased energy level and less fatigue and a positive self-image.

  • Post Natal Training
  • Even after delivering the baby, a mother needs to take good care herself along with the baby. For this purpose, she is required to follow certain series of exercises that can help her be fit and give the baby a healthy start.

    Once a woman becomes a mother, our fitness experts train her for a quick recovery from the post natal troubles. She is then trained to maintain a healthy weight range, increase her strength and stamina to cope with the physical demands of labor and baby’s birth, improve her body posture and better the quality of sleep while taking good care of the baby too.

  • Nutrition Consultation

  • The better diet a mother maintains during pregnancy, the more excellent is the baby’s start of its new life. Not only is it important to deliver a healthy baby, but nutrition also helps a woman relieve from the pregnancy stress. Our knowledgeable dieticians can help frame such a diet for all the expecting women. With a clear understanding of the most important nutrients that your baby will need, the dieticians can form a diet plan which will help your baby to prevent any kind of abnormalities pre and post pregnancy and give it a healthy beginning.

    It is both exhausting as well as emotional task to deliver a baby. Physically, a woman may feel sore and tired, while she may also go through some major hormonal changes. Eating healthily will help to heal her at this point of time. Even while she’ll be doing a demanding task of handling a baby along with breastfeeding it, a good diet from our nutrition experts will help her shed off the extra pounds she has gained in pregnancy.

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