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  • Plyometrics
  • Fast, powerful and jerky movements get enhanced with specially designed exercises for better performance in sports called Plyometrics. With the help of plyometric exercises, our sports teachers help the sportsmen and women to bring out maximum utilization of their strength, elasticity and muscle innervations with which he can go further, faster, higher or sharper depending on the sport they are pursuing. Core Training and Functional Training is therefore provided to kids to pursue excellence in activities like 100 mtr race, 200 mtr race, weight lifting, javlin throw, etc.

  • Agility Training
  • Agility is known to be the ability of making you faster by rapidly changing directions without the loss of speed, balance or body control. It is the ability of a muscle or muscle group to conquer a resistance and control the movement of the body in co-operation with the body's sensory functions. Agility training promotes a wide range of different foot and movement patterns so that the body is able to respond quickly to various angles by correcting the body posture and avoiding problems like Spondylitis, drooping and bending.

  • Stretching
  • A stretching session balances the muscle instabilities and aids injury prevention during sports. Stretching also facilitates relaxation and blood circulation in the muscles and decreases the sensation of tightness in the muscles. Our stretching sessions mainly comprise of two types of stretching-

  • Static stretching

  • Static stretching means reaching to a point of tension and holding the stretch.  Practice of this form of stretching helps a person in avoiding injuries and enhancing performance.

  • Dynamic stretching

  • Unlike static stretching, Dynamic stretching uses speed of movement, momentum and active muscular with every stretch. It includes functional based exercises that involve moving parts of the body and gradually increases the reach and speed of activity. 

  • Power Training
  • Athletes need to apply the greatest amount of their strength in the shortest period of time. To achieve this goal, power training is required. Such a training session helps them to apply their strength rapidly by increasing the rate of force production. Various methods of power training help the person to build cartilage, sturdy bones and strong muscle with the use of right exercises.


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