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  • Pre-School Toddlers and School Kids
  • The correct nutrition in childhood can emphasize good eating habits permanently. Early exposure to nutrition can thus help a child in understanding the importance and sources of good nutrition so that he makes the right selection always. A better nourished child will then be able to deliver greater learning productivity, ensure his overall well being and help him/her to grow up to their full potential. As toddlers, kids are still learning to accept new tastes and textures, and this is the right time to inculcate good nutritional habits within them. Their bones, muscles, teeth and blood volume are still on a developing stage which needs to be taken care of with the help of proper education about nutrition. Protein is a vital component that they need for optimal growth. Calcium is needed for mineralizing the teeth and bones. As the child grows his blood volume increases and so his body requires more of iron. Zinc is needed for wound healing, proper sense of taste, proper growth and normal appetite. We at Virtus Wellness apply these nutrition education concepts from the very first day and follow the right way to render information on nutrition, such that they learn it with great interest rather than just mugging it up for a short duration. Our nutrition experts thus help the kids to achieve their food pyramid goals and encourage the intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and milk that most kids seem to escape in their day-to-day life.

  • Teenagers & Youth
  • As the child enters teenage and becomes independent, he usually develops poor eating patterns that create barriers to achieve optimal nutrition. They often turn to high-fat snacks and underestimate their serving sizes exceeding their recommended carbohydrate (particularly sugar) and fat intake. Such eating patterns, lifestyle changes and peer pressure contribute to erratic health conditions and immense weight gain. Our nutrition education amends these eating habits among the youth and cultivates the desire to eat healthy and live healthier. Along with educating the youngsters, we also provide nutritional food services like canteens and cafeterias in schools and colleges that supply healthy meals as a good resource of required nutrients.

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