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A healthy diet, a fit body and a level-headed mind are the root factors that majorly influence the well-balanced growth of any child. As a substantial part of a child’s daily life is spent in the school and college, it becomes very important for the faculty to take care of all these basic factors to impact the overall health and personality development of their students.

We at Virtus Wellness make sure to assist the schools and colleges in providing most optimum level of training to fulfill these aspects while they are busy with the academic part of it. Customized on the basis of your institution’s existing curriculum, we design a wellness programme with fun-filled games and delightful activity sessions of individual choice that help infuse physical and mental fitness among students in the most revolutionized form.

Benefits of Our Programme-
  • Energizing the health and fitness activities conducted for students

  • Developing the eye retinal disorders and improving reflexes

  • Assuring a complete growth of children from academic as well as sports point of view

  • Providing mental stability to children in a competitive environment of challenging burdens

  • Improving the academic performance of students with a healthy body and stress-free mind

  • Training the kids for variety of interesting activities that are enjoyed by all

  • Reducing absenteeism due to medical reasons

  • Helping children to build a social attitude by interacting with each other

  • Creating health awareness in the institution that calls for a positive environment

  • Boosting the confidence, morale and team spirit of students with healthy competition

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