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Experts say that a healthy body and mind is only 30% of workout and the rest 70% of wellness is majorly an outcome of a healthy nutrition. As they say it rightly, ‘you are what you eat’, the key to a health and long life is to maintain a healthy diet for lifetime and not to starve only for a short period of time or just avoid the perception of palatability.

Nutrition is nothing but providing adequate amount of nourishment to the body and it’s every single cell, like we provide fuel to a car. A complete nutrition consists of sufficient quantities of all the Macronutrients and Micronutrients, each having its own special role in the body. With a nutritious and healthy diet, health-threatening conditions such as diabetes, chronic systemic diseases and deficiency diseases can be prevented.

The experienced dieticians and nutritionists at Virtus Wellness can plan your diet and include all the necessary elements in a manner that suits your daily routine and lifestyle. They execute a complete health, fitness and lifestyle analysis of your current health status, check up the wellness and functionality of your body and conduct the required pathological tests before framing a nutrition plan for you. We provide nutritional guidance and consultation in a number of schools, colleges, health clubs, gymnasiums, hotels, etc in our own interesting way that appeals to the audience.

Nutrition management has no age barrier, but the essentials of every individual change with his/her growing age.

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