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  • Aqua Aerobics / Pilates
  • Aqua aerobics and Pilates can be double the fun and awe-inspiring when performed in water. If your school/college/club/hotel/gym/society has a pool of its own, our Aquabatic professionals can train the participants with better swimming tactics and vigorous practice sessions as well as teach them some amazing acrobatic movements to be performed under water.

  • Aqua Tai Chi
  • Members of all ages enjoy the graceful and unique movements of tai chi. And when added a new dimension with water, it sounds like a perfect aqua fitness session. Water Tai Chi incorporates slow but powerful exercises of the Chinese martial art into the aquatics session performed upright in chest deep water and adds the fun element along with enhancing the body, mind and spirit.

  • Competitive Swim Coaching
  • Our swimming coaches who have mastered the science of swimming can conduct from some absolutely simple swimming classes for learners to some strenuous and complicated swimming sessions for those contesting in competitions. They train men, women and children in their own skilled manner so that they hit their ‘sports ground’ with utmost confidence. Apart from competitive training, our coaches also train swimmers in various interesting styles like Breaststroke, Butterfly, Crawl, Spin and others.

  • Senior Citizen Nutrition Consultation

  • The unpredictable changes in the body composition and metabolism of seniors require a sharp eye on their food choices. With a reduced physical activity and increased probabilities of chronic and cardiac illness, diabetes, cancer and such life-threatening diseases, poor eating habits prove to contribute to these ailments.

    At this stage of life, they need to obtain all the nutrients in limited proportions. We help them frame a diet that complements their daily retired routine in the best possible way to yield healthier results. Such a senior citizen specific diet helps them avoid high cholesterol intake, control the blood sugar levels, select foods that keep away gastric problems, reduce the risk of diabetes, give them adequate energy to carry out daily tasks, enhance their immunity and provide them good mental health and abilities.


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