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Our experts conduct regular seminars, lectures and awareness programmes on health related issues and diseases. People are enlightened on how to avoid the modern day diseases as well as the traditional ones like diabetes, asthma, etc along with lectures on positive thinking. They are provided proper education on day-to-day activities like maintaining the correct posture, walking in the right manner and more to avoid future health hazards. Apart from these, we arrange lectures on nutrition, ideal food guide and so on.

  • Healthy cooking techniques-
  • By using simple healthy cooking techniques one can easily cut fat and calories. E.g. by switching from frying to roasting, one not only eliminates added oil but also allows any fat in the food to drip away. Many more tips on healthy cooking techniques are provided by our nutritionists that help families to skip off those extra fat consumptions. Lectures and seminars are conducted on maintaining the right cooking temperatures and time, using the best cooking oils and healthy cooking for parties, along with cookery demonstrations and classes.

  • Using the Right Utensils
  • Even the right cookware can help a person in maintaining good health along with enhancing the flavor. Our nutritionists conduct lectures on how taking care of such simple things like utensils can help one obtain a healthy lifestyle. E.g. earthenware, stainless steel and ceramic are inert thus emitting a far-infrared heat which is most beneficial heat for cooking, while nonstick cookware contains plastic polymers which is harmful for the body.

    Lectures are also provided on reading nutrition labels and various Aspects of nutrition & fitness.

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