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Virtus Wellness provides a variety of catering facilities for clubs, hotels and gyms. Such catering facilities also provide training to the canteen staff on various healthy food related topics as well as includes a menu of-

  • Functional Foods
  • Functional food or medicinal food is any food that has a health-promoting or disease-preventing property beyond the basic function of supplying nutrients. The general category of functional foods includes processed food or foods fortified with additives like vitamin-enriched products. The most popular functional foods these days are oats and oat products that are a widely studied dietary source of the cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber b-glucan. Soy is now thought to play preventive and therapeutic roles in cardiovascular diseases, while flaxseeds, tomatoes, garlic, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables come under functional foods category.

  • Organic Meals
  • The word "organic" refers to the way a farmer grows and processes agricultural products like fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and meat. These organic cultivation methods restrict the use of conventional methods to fertilize, control weeds or prevent livestock disease. Instead they apply natural fertilizers, such as manure or compost, to feed soil and plants, in return giving the consumers a balanced diet and clean housing to help minimize disease.

    Tiffin Services (Coming Soon)
    Virtus Wellness plans to start its very own tiffin service in the coming months. It will include the facility of personalized tiffin as per your body requirement, tiffins for school colleges, packed meals for corporate, home delivery of breakfast / lunch / dinner, healthy catering for parties as well as ‘Make your own meal’ feature. This will provide you with the convenience and satisfaction of healthy, delicious meals delivered right to your doorstep. Such a service will also enhance the healthy eating habits of huge families, busy people who want a convenient substitute to take out and fast food, homebound individuals, people striving for a balanced, healthy lifestyle and pregnant women and new parents.

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