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Boot Camp or Cyclone Training sessions are somewhat similar to military basic training for groups of people usually conducted outdoors. Such camps majorly focus on team development within the organization. They are a blend of various physical and fun-filled activities that pose interesting challenges and healthy competition among the participants, helping them extend these feelings from the activity ground towards their classrooms or workplaces.

Teams of participants are subjected to hardcore physical activities that also involve team dynamics and problem solving. These combine activities like running, body weight exercises and competitive games like rope climbing, river crossing, obstacle training, rappelling, rock climbing as well as basic training, tactical survival, code breaking and hostile interrogation, while we also emphasize on time management, building trust and hedging communication gaps. Such activities not only increase cardiovascular efficiency and body stamina, but also promote team effort and healthy competitiveness. The idea remains to instill the desire to exercise regularly and to achieve a goal faster than they would usually achieve alone.


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