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Actikidz is a combination of Fine and Gross motor skill development training. Skills that involve a refined coordination of small muscles controlling the fingers, thumb and hands are known as Fine Motor Skills and they include activities like writing, drawing simple shapes, tying shoelaces, using spoons, opening doors, buttoning, zipping up and down a clothing abilities etc. As the child grows, these skills improve and continue to get refined with standing up, walking, running, climbing up the stairs, balancing body posture, understanding laterality, jumping higher, running faster, lifting more weight etc till the child enters adulthood. These large muscle groups and whole body movement skills are called Gross Motor Skills.

A perfect growth of fine and gross motor skills counts on an accurate calculation of coordinating the precise movements of muscles. Our fitness professionals encourage a smoother and sharper growth of such small and large muscle movements by involving children in simple activities such as challenging them with puzzles and play dough, as well as games like making alphabets out of toothpicks, throwing a marble to right or left instantly over commands, throwing and kicking a large ball, pedaling cycle, lifting the right and left hand in coordination, and so on. Such activities help in fine-tuning the child's whole body movements instilling sharp focus and flexibility in him.

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