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  • Body Toning

  • A body toning workout helps you steady the rickety portions of your body. One can make almost any part of the body appear firmer and sleeker with toning exercises suggested by our fitness experts by using free weights. Such toning exercises can help you achieve a well-balanced and well-proportioned svelte body and get your muscles conditioned and strong.

  • Body Sculpting

  • Body Sculpting is a strength training workout that is designed to tone the muscles of any specific area of the body.  A training programme for body sculpting mainly combines exercises that condition flexibility and cardiovascular system. The most common types of such exercises include dancing, stretching exercises and resistance training exercises.

  • Body conditioning

  • Body conditioning involves a high energy workout with a high impact. It comprises of general upper, lower and core stability exercises usually done with dumbbells. Star jumps and running on the spot may also be a part of this session, followed by squats and lunges.

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