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Fitness Programmes  

The word aerobic stands for "with oxygen" and has to do with activities that increase the oxygen intake by the body. This helps the muscles and cardiovascular system and increases heart rate and breathing rate for a sustained period of time providing better health to an individual. For a fit body and healthy living, aerobics is a foundation and an out-and-out requirement for weight loss.

An aerobic session usually consists of a choreographed workout and vigorous and quickly-moving exercises. However it may be categorized into various levels of skillfulness, majorly the following three-

  • Beginner Aerobics
  • Beginning aerobics include basic exercises that get your blood flowing. It includes minimal choreography balanced with resistance training and core work to give you a complete workout.

  • Intermediate Aerobics
  • This is the second difficulty level of aerobics delivering more fitness with a fun-filled and tiring workout. As the session sets into motion, the choreography and complexity of moves intensifies to achieve higher goals one has set for fitness.

  • Advanced Aerobics
  • Being the most difficult level of aerobics session, it takes the person through the most complex and robust forms of choreographic exercises. Thus it bears maximum amount of fruits with a heavy perspiring workout session that any other physical exercise can deliver.

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