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Corporate Programmes  
  Corporate fitness programmes usually offer a wide scope of activities that majorly include-
     Core training

Core training is actually a form of functional training. Core consists of many different muscles that stabilize the spine, pelvis, shoulder and down the torso. Core training can help an individual in increasing their joint stability and coordination and thus decrease the risk of injury and improve the performance. Core training also corrects imbalanced postures, prevents injuries and develops functional fitness which is essential for day-to-day activities.

A strong core can be created by our expert core training session, providing a solid framework for smoother movement in the extremities and distributing the stresses of weight-bearing to protect the back. Under core training, we train by focusing on core stability along with methods that build the strength, balance, agility and flexibility of that area. Such training helps the muscles to control movements, shift body weight, transfer energy and readily move in any direction.

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