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Virtus Wellness consists of a team of talented professionals driven by a passion for fitness and dedicated to providing fitness solutions with their consistent enthusiasm and support. Our belief in practice rather than theory makes us hire professionals not just on the grounds of bona fides, but on basis of merit and proven records. Every department of our wellness program is led by highly experienced coaches, instructors and guides proficient in their respective fields of fitness, nutrition, food services and spa treatment. The Virtus Wellness experts don't just provide you mundane training, but become a part of your daily regime with regular tweaks and interesting twists in your fitness plan. The special attention and continuous encouragement provided to you by them prove to be the key factors in building healthy and fit individuals that develop good chemistry and a sense of bonding with their trainers in a short span of time.

Shiraz Siddiqui Director, Virtus Wellness The driving force behind the fitness team, Shiraz Siddiqui adds a wealth of fourteen years professional experience at Virtus Wellness along with his highly acknowledged certifications from top fitness training institutes-

  • Certified from ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)
  • Certified Trainer from Progressive Fitness, USA
  • Certified Nutrition Consultant from Progressive Fitness, USA
  • Certified in Sports Nutrition & Sports Supplements from Progressive Fitness, USA
  • Certified Prenatal & Postnatal training consultant from SCW (Sara City Workout), USA
  • Certified in Pilates Mat & Small Apparatus Workout from SCW
  • Certified in Moms-in-Motion (Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness Education) from SCW
  • Certified Competitive Swimming Coach from YMCA of Greater Kentucky, USA
  • Certified in Advanced Aquatic Training & Pool Management from YMCA of Greater Kentucky, USA
  • Proficient in Weight Management, Obesity & Lifestyle Management
  • Popular Article Writer & Counselor for Cancer & its Treatments
  • Certified in Hotel Administration & Restaurant Management from Sophia B. K. Somani Polytechnic MUMBAI
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