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Established in August 2007, Virtus Wellness was started as a small setup by Mr. Shiraz Siddiqui, the all-rounder fitness consultant of modern times.

Shiraz realized that the modern day lifestyle along with work-related stress added to the number of illnesses, general fatigue and poor health of people. This not only resulted in the weaker productivity at work and home, but also in mental instability and lack in peace of mind. His immense love for fitness and a levelheaded attitude towards well-being made him to gradually spread the importance of fitness and nutrition in life. In a very short span of time his small setup of fitness training services and limited number of clients received various accreditations from a growing list of clientele and acknowledgements from fitness tycoons of the industry.

Today, Virtus Wellness has not just expanded as an enterprise, but also evolved as a complete health and reformation service provider company. The plethora of fitness programs, diet consultation services and variety of spa treatments singularly focus on the wellness of our clients, be it an individual, a group or corporate. Our strong team of fitness professionals is divided in a hierarchical way for optimum results and has always aimed to achieve excellence in the fitness industry. We believe in the idea of promoting well being through fitness and foretell rapid growth of this ideology for years to come.


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