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 About  Virtus Wellness  
     Who We Are?

Established in August 2007, Virtus Wellness was started as a small setup by Mr. Shiraz Siddiqui, the fitness training guru of modern times. Shiraz realized that the modern day lifestyle along with work-related stress added to the number of illnesses, general fatigue and poor health of people. This not only resulted in the weaker productivity at work and home, but also in mental instability and lack in peace of mind. 

Armed with multiple fitness certification and fourteen years of work experience, his immense love for fitness and a levelheaded attitude towards well-being helped him to gradually spread the importance of fitness and nutrition in life with his small setup of fitness training services and limited number of clients. In a very short span of time, Virtus Wellness received various accreditations from his growing list of clientele and acknowledgements from the fitness tycoons of the industry.

Today, Virtus Wellness has not just expanded as an enterprise, but also evolved as a complete health and reformation service provider company. The plethora of fitness programs, diet consultation services and variety of spa treatments singularly focus on the wellness of our clients, be it an individual, a group or corporate. Our strong team of fitness professionals is divided in a hierarchical way for optimum results and has always aimed to achieve excellence in the fitness industry. We believe in the idea of promoting well being through fitness and foretell rapid growth of this ideology for years to come


     Our Team

Virtus Wellness consists a team of talented professionals driven by a passion for fitness and dedicated to providing fitness solutions with their contagious enthusiasm and support. Our belief in practice rather than theory makes us hire professionals not just on the grounds of bona fides, but on basis of merit and proven records. 

Every department of our wellness program is led by highly experienced coaches, instructors and guides proficient in their respective fields of fitness, nutrition and spa treatment. The Virtus Wellness experts don’t just provide you mundane training, but become a part of your daily regime with regular tweaks and interesting twists in your fitness plan. The special attention and continuous encouragement provided to you by them prove to be the key factors in building healthy and fit individuals that develop good chemistry and a sense of bonding with their trainers in a short span of time.

     What We Do? 

We spread the word of health and fitness through a wide range of fitness training programs, diet consultations and spa treatments. We organized a plan to achieve the fitness goals and provide supportive guidance and realistic feedback in this process

Depending on your requirements we customize our programs and training schedules to accomplish the fitness goals of everyone- be it an individual, a group of individuals or a company. Special fitness and diet programs are designed depending on the persons age, gender, lifestyle, type of work and a complete health analysis.

     Our Expertise

Exercise and diet always have to go hand in hand if the intention is living a healthier life. We help our clients in leading healthier lives by combining both of these in a righteous way. Our conventional fitness ideologies blended with modern day lifestyle needs not only help you achieve your fitness objectives but also your aesthetic desires.

Practice and experience has made us reach this level of perfection and we strive to reach much higher levels in years to come. We don’t have a pre-templated fitness schedule, but our talented and skillful team is able enough to design it for you regardless of your medical, physical & lifestyle profile with their tremendous experience of handling the most challenging cases.

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